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"Van Gogh from space." That’s how Rebecca Roth at NASA Goddard describes this stunning image, which looks like Starry Night. But these are not stars. It’s right here, on planet Earth.


You know what, beloved, Someone appreciates you. Someone is eternally rooting for you. You may not see Him, but He sees everything you do. He notices even all the little things. It is from Him that the affirmation, appreciation and recognition you need comes.

You can strive all your life to maintain the applause that other people around you gives you, but you will get tired. At the end of a day, you won’t be satisfied. Why? It’s because you know in your heart that these people will not stay as they are unless you do something more, something bigger, something grander for each new day. And you know that you can only do so much.

But there’s Someone who appreciates you and cherishes you no matter what you do. It’s God. He is eternally pleased with you. He will never get angry. He will never tell you, “That’s all you can do?! You do realize that you’ve been a Christian for a long time, right?” No, He’ll never say that. Like a Father, He is delighted with His children.

Why, you say? It’s because Jesus has lived the life that we should have and couldn’t live. It’s because Jesus’ righteousness has been imputed on us. That’s why God is pleased with us. And He loves you. He appreciates you. He is your audience. You don’t think someone really sees your value and worth, but He does. He already knew how valuable you are before you started trying to work for it.


“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my ortion forever.” - Psalm 73:26 » Written Word Calligraphy